Students Work ( New Delhi)

Images taken by students from the 1st Delhi photography workshop displayed during the exhibition and otherwise. The images were taken over a period of month’s workshop and the students were asked to try out photography. The result is a portrait of Delhi that is whimsical, daring and comical. The freshness in the images is balanced by the perspective ,students carried while being on field. Truly one did not expect the elements  captured be it old historical places, symbols, hardship or relationships that proclaims the city but are otherwise missed by the ever consuming daily life .

DEL 001 : View from the ground- Harneet

DEL002: Qutub, New Delhi– Aftab

DEL 003: A pigeon once sat down- Anish

DEL004: Inside Safdarjung- Harneet

DEL005 Sulabh Toilet, New Delhi- Rakesh

DEL006: Bahai ( Lotus ) temple , New Delhi -Rakesh

DEL007: Symmetry of the past- Aftab

DEL008: Deer Park, New Delhi- Vinod

DEL009: Passerby’s and Monkeys, Deer Park- Vinod

DEL010 :Green and clean Delhi- Vinod

DEL011: Historical Pigeon shit-Rakesh

DEL012: Big eye imprint- Harneet

DEL 013: Qutub Minar, New Delhi -Aftab

DEL014: near Green park, New Delhi -Vinod

DEL 015: Reflection and the flight- Rakesh

DEL016: Inside Akshardham temple-Harneet

DEL 017: The big leap , New Delhi -Harneet

DEL 018: The smile, New Delhi- Harneet

DEL019: A girl on rope,Old Delhi- Anish

DEL 020: Our social group, New Delhi- Vinod — in New Delhi, India.

DEL 021 : Prayers to lord.Gurudwara -Rakesh

DEL 022 ; Two to a tango, New Delhi-Anish

DEL 023 : Flash lit garden, Rakesh

DEL 024 : Lets chat ,New delhi- Vinod

DEL 025 : An early morning, New Delhi-Vinod

images available as prints/exhibitions/merchandise/ stock use and likewise

3 Responses to Students Work ( New Delhi)

  1. Sid Jarver says:

    Awesome post! I will keep an on eye on your blog.

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