Students work ( Bangalore)

Images taken by students from the 1st Bangalore workshop displayed during the exhibitions

BLR005: Posters and fruits are colourful – Kurt

BLR019: Early morning alarm – Madhu

BLR017: My mother and sister – Gunashekhar

BLR015: Fish monger in Russel Market – Anand

BLR006: She is standing still in Lalbagh – Danish

BLR011: Happy Family – Danish

BLR020: A view of Bangalore and a broken plate – Danish

BLR014: A hungry hippo – Gangadhar

BLR010: Playboy in a Church – Gunashekar

BLR007: Yummy ducks – Gunashekar

BLR021: The only man – Gunashekar

BLR018: A white man in Lalbagh – Anand

BLR013: Joy – Bhuvaneshwari

BLR008: They were praying in Ascension Church, Decosta Square. She has very pretty legs – Kurt

BLR004: My friend Ganga – Bhuvaneshwari

BLR002: My uncle shot these jungles of Kerala – Kurt

BLR016: After rains I was travelling by bus – Anand

BLR009: I wanted for her to pass – Nagaraj

BLR003: Dead fish (mari hui machli)– Nagaraj

BLR001: My moon – Hema

BLR012: She was praying – Gunashekar

Mentor : Siddharth Jain

Duration: Month and half

Location: Bangalore

5 Responses to Students work ( Bangalore)

  1. Such amazing work! Looking forward to see more photos! Good luck on the project!!

  2. Aparna KAsinath says:

    My seven year old son suryan wants to share some of his amazing pictures. Please let me know which website I must post it on…
    Thanks & Regards

    • Hello Aparna,

      You can post a few images, low res ( around 150 -200kb) to our facebook page…that’s the interface between us and our students as of now…will have a look at it and reply back…curious to see what your son shot



  3. Urvashi says:

    Dear HCC,
    Awesome Work. Keep it coming.

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