Changeling —- A desire to do . the charisma of the unknown ..

It’s crazy how so many of us innately feel the same about a lot of things but are ok letting things be as is just to maintain the status quo.
And so, in mid -August a friend mentioned he liked what Happy Camera Club (HCC) was doing. It is when I mentioned what we have NOT  been doing and what  it could become over a period of time. We talked a bit, not too much, and he decided to jump in. The next couple of months took a bit of explanation, discussion, debate to reach a similar wavelength. With a close friend it is not difficult, but it could well be.  I guess this what not as difficult as we are inherently different. I am a dreamer who wants to be practical and he is an absolute practical guy who wants to be dreamer. Thus it wasn’t difficult to critically examine an idea, having an ability to say no and be straightforward and blunt.
Once the bond is solid ,the next guy who comes in also stands on solid ground and the positive rub off thus continues. Having a great (not good) team is the basic ingredient of setting up things right. Entrepreneurship looks glamorous. Photography looks glamorous. But it is quite the contrary. It’s quite a bit of logistics, time, effort, people management, delivery — in a nutshell quite a bit of pain.
Anyways hours ,days and months were spent on deliberating stuff. Mid-night oil was burnt .There should be a reason. Focus on little details. And then tackle bigger questions . Questions like why go opt a for profit and not a  NGO ? What the marketing strategy should be, where would we  spend money next year and how to make life more complicated for ourselves 🙂
We decided to take up the website. One major hurdle to tackle which for most people I have seen have been done shoddily or left for later improvements. A good test of patience. And we have done the first part of the design ( as we like to think 🙂 ).
Our sample contact page.
(if anyone wants to know how to go about it ,email us here,use newsletter or drop in a comment. we will be happy to help )
On the financial and regulatory side though we filed for name registration, digital signatures, DIN numbers, copyrights and are now waiting for validation from the Indian govt.
( again, please just ask and we might save you some time)
While we were doing so ,we managed to get one of our students an assignment. This was a great validation for us, the biggest proof of concept. To be one of the few firms aiming to be a social enterprise in field of arts .In the future we intend to build a set of well-trained, skilled and self-reliant students who will carry our name forward….
more pictures by Aftab here
till next time..
have a good new year .rock n roll
team HCC

About happy camera club

Happy camera club is an initiative brought upon by a thought to teach the less privileged basic aspects of a skill like photography which further can be used by them in their day to day life. To leave them with an additional skill set to choose from. A win-win situation ,we aim to work with organizations and people who support this cause.
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