Look : Students work

At the field,Bangalore@Rajesh

from photo workshop at Bangalore

And so after two days of editing the students work, we got decent bunch of images.Actually more than expected.Some students took a lot more images than the other ,while the others were moderate. One student, Glory Angel ,did an entire photo essay of an evening at her home . The photography topics ranged from Anna Hazare campaign, dogs, nature, construction, in the bus, Vidhan Soudha ,fruit sellers, Ganesh,pigeons friends and so on.

Pink heart Cake,Bangalore@Suresh

We were thinking on what these pictures suggest, and if at all do they point to anything at all. In purest of form the subjects are what interest the students, the individual. And up to that extent the shopkeeper who decided to bake a pink colour cake and put it up on the window knows his stuff well.But are these images also suggestive of any society trends given their raw nature ? I don’t know ,just giving it a random thought. For now ,its best to enjoy the pictures…

Untitled @Johnson

About happy camera club

Happy camera club is an initiative brought upon by a thought to teach the less privileged basic aspects of a skill like photography which further can be used by them in their day to day life. To leave them with an additional skill set to choose from. A win-win situation ,we aim to work with organizations and people who support this cause.
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4 Responses to Look : Students work

  1. Siam says:

    I like the photos…

  2. kamerakidz says:

    First photo I like very much. And your question, too. For some photos it seems clear from the first sight, for others one appreciates them more only after some years. And then there are some which one never can decide. Or at least that is the case with me.

    • there ‘s another question..
      how do you gauge the success of a workshop ?

      is it necessary students have to take good pictures to call it a success, or does it help them in employment or it just builds in them an interest even if momentarily or there’s a permanent change in outlook of students…

  3. kamerakidz says:

    In one regard I’d call it a success when it increases their experiences – no matter what they’ll do afterwards with it and how the results are. But I think it is always good to give people the chance to have experiences in different fields of for example communication, arts or whatever one will call it. Even if they decide that it is not their way to continue, but at least they gained a better knowledge about “it” and themselves.

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