Tale of two gentlemen : continued

My father has been a professor all his life. A serious one. Serious about his studies, his books, his research and his students. Always we had students coming to our place asking for advice, his colleagues from the university and so it. It always had been fun in their company. hearing multidimensional conversations ranging from latest books, economics , mathematics, United Nations and India’s role ( my dad being a prof in Pol. Science), tennis and stories from their canteen. Fun 🙂

But never was i a hard core student, hardly concerned about studies. So could never comprehend his sentiments on teaching till now. When i see Nagaraj’s work. It is such a joyous moment to see your student do well and excel ,its wonderful.

A while back i mentioned about Nagaraj and the trip he ‘s about to take with help of Kalyan , a wonderful wildlife photographer based in India who took Nagaraj along for one of his trips

This is what Nagaraj shot. Have a look . His first shot at being a wildlife photographer

A Western Ghats Langur in South India@ Nagaraj

Lion Tail Mackoc with baby@ Nagaraj

western ghats ghore

western ghats ghore @ Nagaraj

Lets make his dream to be a wildlife photographer step closer by helping him buy a DSLR. He does n’t know of this yet. It will be a lovely surprise.  For your contributions we shall send you well designed postcard /poster of an image taken by him. We shall figure out logistics soon 🙂 but everything’s possible .You can write to us at happycameraclub@gmail.com



Nagaraj with Kalyan


About happy camera club

Happy camera club is an initiative brought upon by a thought to teach the less privileged basic aspects of a skill like photography which further can be used by them in their day to day life. To leave them with an additional skill set to choose from. A win-win situation ,we aim to work with organizations and people who support this cause.
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