this is life

where most of the things that happen with me are quite opposite to what i planned.  really, this has been the life so far. and the way its going i don’t expect much changes.

so , what do I do  when there’s a lot of rejection in mind because of expectations…when people are quite busy it becomes easy to forget the  commitment…the concept of career has already evaporated a long time back… and you say to self, ” hey now here i go two steps backward .I should do something normal.”  its not easy to sleep at night you know.sometimes, you know.

hmmm….. man, this is a tough one. and i really don’t know except for tomorrow

that i shall push tomorrow too. really follow up for an answer.wait with patience . keep doing things hoping they will fit right in .this has been one of the biggest learning working in India. makes you tough as nail. you know there is no way this cannot happen. you just gotta hang on.its a matter of time not the attitude. just like this gentleman who has helped  me innumerable number of times with this lovely talk.

every second is magic these days

About happy camera club

Happy camera club is an initiative brought upon by a thought to teach the less privileged basic aspects of a skill like photography which further can be used by them in their day to day life. To leave them with an additional skill set to choose from. A win-win situation ,we aim to work with organizations and people who support this cause.
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