Updates ( 1st June 2011)

Its a lovely update…very happy and delighted to announce our second photography workshop in Bangalore is happening in July….tomorrow we announce it in APD …looking forward to it..hope similarly more photography workshops across India can be conducted

Image courtesy Selvaprakash

Selva ,who has also been helping us set up the exhibition and do a bit of running around himself will be the tutor to the students . You can check more of his work at http://www.lightstalkers.org/selvaprakash

Image courtesy Selvaprakash

graciously he has decided to take time out and mentor the students here at Bangalore starting July..thank you…will also take this opportunity to thank Ants Cafe once again..


Hope you are coming to meet us all…and this time on display besides us, will be three other interesting groups…

here are more details…


so yes,lets work together…its a lot more fun…any suggestions are more than welcome..we have one though…

please do ask your friends and family and also check your closets for any unused cameras or dusty photography magazines…we would love to use them all…our next class in Bangalore is due in July 🙂


About happy camera club

Happy camera club is an initiative brought upon by a thought to teach the less privileged basic aspects of a skill like photography which further can be used by them in their day to day life. To leave them with an additional skill set to choose from. A win-win situation ,we aim to work with organizations and people who support this cause.
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