What’s next ?

much of our  time goes in contemplating what to do and how to do, what might be its possible consequences and what shall we do if we get stuck . Be it making the decision to join the gym, or starting something of your own. And if you have been a management student in the past , chances are you will  jump to such occasions and start observing critically by asking whats the long term plan ? do u intend to make it your career ? whats the source of revenue ? None of which is incorrect ,but you tend to miss the big picture by actually attempting to do it.

I started with two cameras for 10 students . And initially faced  the language problems, timing issues and most importantly how will the students react. Will they even come for classes. And what will they photograph ? It really felt like an uphill task.

But two months back nothing really mattered. All it mattered was lets try it .Lets see how it goes. And so I started taking the classes showing movies, books, and pictures. It was the first time i was teaching !! Man, its difficult especially when students ruin their Sundays and come to attend the class with much expectations .

With passing days I got more and more involved with the workshops. A few days also happened to be quite tiring. But a few warm individuals started chipping in a bit by arranging for a few more resources. From two we finally  managed  for 5 cameras which was quite a joy for us. This meant taking more pictures. So adjustments had to be made in between the week. From weekend the classes started to happen also during the week .It meant early morning for everyone. And then from classes rushing to work hoping to look fresh.

Since we were limited in resources I decided to keep an attendance chart. And before end of every class, I noted down who ‘s taking the camera. Everyone took them turn by turn.

The pictures kept on improving and we kept on putting more and more hours. But in between there were days of frustration as well ,as Dhruv will fondly remember a few years later maybe when i went after him all angry and pissed. Sometimes the batteries of camera did n ‘t work and at times one accidentally deleted all images. Imagine !! what a nightmare. But somehow we just stuck together and kept on working towards the classes. The editing sessions were really long. I edited their work the way i would do for anyone. And as it was done to my images by my seniors.

And now after so many classes,we finished our final classes yesterday with a field trip to Russell market.

I asked the students one question . what’s next ?

No one wanted end the classes now. Or rather they all wanted to keep taking pictures.And surely I don’t want them to be dependent upon me . The students actually were pretty spirited as Kritika remembers while doing a tee shirt activity with them.All of them are very possessive about their things: from taking care of cameras ,to their pictures and their tees !! So Nagaraj decided to become the president of the first batch and take responsibility for the cameras . Keep a neatly managed stock of pictures they click  after the workshop gets over.

Kurt will ask his church in the neighborhood to become their official photographer for the weekend. A few want to collectively start a studio. And so on the story continues, hopefully everyone shall continue photographing. And most who read this post till here will like to be a part of us.

At my end i shall do an exhibition of their work in Bangalore , build a website and make merchandise . Maybe a magazine can do their profile !! and they can be engaged .i don’t really know much about it as i have never done an exhibition in India but we shall see. Just as i fiddled with this blog for the first time and sat with Dhruv for taking and editing the videos. For now it feel just great when i look two months back. There still are a lot of images to edit as well and running around the town for prints. Weekends will be a bit lighter now though not the prospect of not meeting students every week feels quite odd as unknowingly i feel connected to them all..

pictures soon



1st may 2011


About happy camera club

Happy camera club is an initiative brought upon by a thought to teach the less privileged basic aspects of a skill like photography which further can be used by them in their day to day life. To leave them with an additional skill set to choose from. A win-win situation ,we aim to work with organizations and people who support this cause.
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